Wuhan govt weighs whether to test all residents to find silent carriers

Wuhan authorities are studying whether the government should test all residents to find asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers amid public worry over a second outbreak.

The number of patients who were infected by asymptomatic carriers only accounted for 4.4 percent of the total number of patients, said Wu Zunyou, an epidemiologist from at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  It means that asymptomatic carriers have limited impact on the spread of the epidemic, Wu said. 

A survey conducted in a province in South China showed that among more than 1,500 people who had close contact with silent virus carriers, only seven were confirmed to be infected. Further investigation showed that the seven had contact with both asymptomatic and confirmed cases, Wu said. It indicates that their infection may not be caused by silent virus carriers, he noted.

source: https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1184593.shtml

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