French governments prevents online sales of Nicotine Patches

The French government on Friday issued the new rule preventing online retailers from selling nicotine patches or other forms of nicotine products and requested all pharmacies to limit physical sales. 

Earlier this week some studies seemed to show that nicotine could help against Covid-19 infections.

According to neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux from France’s Pasteur Institut, who co-lead the study, the theory behind the research is that nicotine could adhere to cell receptors and block the virus from entering cells and possibly prevent replication through the body. 

Researchers are waiting on regulatory approval to conduct a study that will place nicotine patches on doctors and nurses at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital to see if it shields them from the virus. The patches will also be used on patients in the hospitals to see if it helps to reduce symptoms. Researchers claim nicotine could thwart “cytokine storms,” which is an overreaction of the immune system, and scientists believe it plays a crucial role in fatal COVID-19 cases. 

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