Open lettre from Belgian largest hospital lab to Minister De Backer, deploring the Covid-19 test strategy

The Brussels University Hospital Laboratory is upset by the government’s management of tests. The Brussels University Hospital Laboratory (LHUB-ULB) is the largest hospital laboratory in the Belgium .

Its management and its Covid-19 coordination cell send an open letter to Minister De Backer, in charge of medical equipment and tests, in which they deplore the way the crisis is being managed.

Multiple painpoints are hightlighted:
In March all tests were centralized at the ‘reference center’ at the KU Leuven (Rega Institute), that quickly couldn’t follow the demands. Germany took a much more decentralized approach with 90 labs from start.
Underutilisation of capacity of clinical biology laboratories all over the country.
Too strict rules for testing.
Absence of consideration and transparancy.

This open letter indicates the same sort of painpoints as mentioned in another open letter previous posted on calmcorona.


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