Belarus, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania (22/04/20)

On 1/04/20 these countries were relatively unaffected by Covid-19. Different measures seem to be in place. Latvia (sort of lockdown), Estonia (some emergency measures), Lithuania (nationwide quarantine) and Belarus (almost no measures). We follow up these (reliable?) figures.The figures remain amazingly low. Compared to other countries in Europe, very few people seem to die fromContinue reading “Belarus, Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania (22/04/20)”

Evolution number of deaths Belgium versus Sweden 21/04/20

Mid march Belgium and Sweden seemed in a similar Codvid-19 position. Belgium went in lockdown. Sweden took softer measures. Some experts* warned that Sweden took too few actions. We follow the situation calmly. We know that those figures are not always comparable (probably not all countries give reliable figures). We added Denmark & Norway asContinue reading “Evolution number of deaths Belgium versus Sweden 21/04/20”