How to make money with a not yet existing vaccine.

Moderna is a vaccine making company that has embarked on the search for a vaccine for Covid-19. The stock floated around $ 20 early in the year and started its spectacularly rise on February 24 to about $ 67 on Friday, May 15. On Monday May 18, Moderna released very optimistic news about the development of their Covid-19 vaccine. CEO and billionaire Stéphane Bancel said the news “could not have been better”. The same day, Moderna launched a capital increase, selling new shares for more than a billion dollars at $ 76 per share. The stock climbed further to $ 80 on May 18.
On May 20, CEO Stéphane Bancel sold for more than $ 20 million of his shares at $70.
The good news regarding the development of the vaccine has now subdued. After all, Morderna appears to be unable to provide the data in support of the euphoric announcement of 18 May.

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