Interesting article of Maurice De Hond on “superspread events”

“You would think: “we now know what we have to do”. The RIVM (CDC) and the virologists, who appear everywhere in the media, will finally embrace these findings and ensure an adequate approach.

“But I predict that this will not happen (soon). They will say something like “this is something to research, but…”  or “these are incidents, we can’t draw conclusions from them yet” or “interesting, but the studies haven’t been peer-reviewed yet”.  And then the standard slogan follows, “keep 1.5 meters distance” and the daily threat, “beware of the second wave”.

They understand very well that if they do fully acknowledge the role of aerosols in the contamination process, then the basis of our 1.5 meter society will collapse.

And that is apparently the last thing that both the virologists and our government want. Because that would be too big a turn of policy. So they will want to continue to push social distancing to the limit, despite the major negative economic and social consequences on the one hand and the risks of a large-scale outbreak of the virus on the other hand.

And unfortunately, most media in the Netherlands are not yet ready to ackn”


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